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How effective are graphic design services in marketing?

Graphic design services play a prominent role in most marketing and advertising sectors. In today's world, recognizing the significance of the visual identity of a brand in increasing sales has positioned this art form in its own specialized domain. By leveraging marketing and sales principles, graphic design has become a key player in the field of marketing.

Product Design

In the field of product design, services related to graphic design include packaging design and label design. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in shaping the identity of both the product and the brand.

Even well-known brands that have established their position in the minds of the audience over the years, may lose their loyal customers if they do not update their product design and fail to consider modern user experience and marketing principles in their product design. And a brand that intelligently designs an attractive product will take the lead in capturing people’s attention.

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Logo design

The selection of a brand name and logo is the primary concern in the visual identity of a brand. The name and logo essentially serve as the identity card for any brand, providing the audience with a glimpse of the character of the product and services. In consideration of this matter, every business should assign high value on its identity and character, and not overlook this crucial aspect of branding.

Designing logomarks, logotypes and monograms are among the other graphic design services that every brand needs to utilize for their business branding.


The conveyance of messages and concepts through the creation of images and characters is one of the tasks performed in illustration. Large brands, by utilizing these services, take positive and fruitful steps in further personalizing the visual identity of their brand.

By creating images and characters, the illustrator acts as a narrator, and this narrating is used in advertisements, branding, magazines, book covers, etc.

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Business Stationery Design

Fortunately, brands’ attention to having business stationery dates back to past years. Nowadays, most brands recognize the necessity of designing business stationery for their business and they are well aware that using brand elements and symbols, even in the details of their corporate, significantly contributes to the registration of the brand image in the audience’s mind.

Designing letterheads, business cards, catalogs, decorative items, and many others are part of business stationery and play a significant role in enhancing the credibility of business branding.

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